Wounded Warriors Fly Fishing And Top Water Action In Panama City

Report Date: May 22, 2013

Last week several local guides had the honor of taking true American heroes out for a couple days of fishing. Some stayed in the bay and pursued back country Reds and Trout on Fly and Conventional tackle. Capt. Justin Leake, Capt. Kyle Pitts, Capt. Scott Fitzgerald and I went out into the Gulf and did some big game fishing. First order of business was to catch some live pilchards to lure the fish up to the surface and within casting distance. This was accomplished in a very short time. It was off to the races after that. We all went to the same location and started throwing live bait out. The surface of the water soon erupted with action. We had amberjack, cobia, snapper, sharks, barracuda, almaco jacks, and bonito going crazy. For the next three hours it was nonstop action with rods bent and drags screaming. They caught fish on fly, top water plugs, and live bait. The action was incredible. One warrior even landed a bull shark that was several hundred pounds on a fly rod...even after the shark broke it!

I will have to say as a retired Navy Diver this is a great honor to me to have the opportunity to take these Warriors and true American heroes out for a couple days of fishing. I look forward to doing it again next year. Memorial Day is coming up soon …remember what it is for. Thank the ones that give us the opportunity to enjoy the freedom we have. Have a safe Memorial Day.

Good luck on the water,
Capt. Todd Jones


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Capt. Todd Jones

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