Vermillion Snapper (the Other Red Snapper) In Panama City, FL

Report Date: May 12, 2013

The fishing has been on fire the last few days. The bait has come in and it has been easy to catch. I netted several hundred Pilchards and headed offshore. When we got to our first spot I looked down and we were surrounded by Amberjacks. I told my client Zack to get ready I hooked on lively bait and as soon as he pitched it in the water it was game on. From that point on it was 5 hours of nonstop catching! I started chumming with the live baits and every fish on the bottom came up to the surface. They caught Amberjacks, Black snapper, Vermillion snapper, Lane snapper, Red snapper and King mackerel for the next 5 hours.

If you want to catch some great eating snapper you do not have to wait till June to do it. The Vermillion snapper is better eating. In fact it is the snapper most locals prefer. Not to mention you can keep 10 per person.

The fishing is really starting to pick up. We should start seeing Tarpon any day now. The Red snapper season is just around the corner along with Grouper season. It's going to be a great summer. So get down here and let's go catch some fish!

Panama City Fishing Forecast:

Tarpon should make a showing soon. Kings are here in good numbers.

Target Species:

Amberjack, Vermillion snapper, Kings and Black snapper offshore. Trout, Redfish and Spanish inshore.

Good luck on the water,
Capt. Todd Jones


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