Report Date: May 7, 2007

Although the trout bite will last year round in this neck of the woods some times of the year are better than others. Historically the trout bite (that is for big trout) is always the best in the spring, early summer and Fall. Well so far this year is shaping up to be one of our best. Capt. Todd and I have already boated 9 trout over 5 lbs since February. This weekend alone has accounted for two of those trout.

Saturday we decided to head out on an early morning “scouting trip” prior to our late afternoon charters. At least that’s what we tell the wives so we can get a couple extra hours of fishing in without too much grief. Anyway we headed out into North Bay arriving at our first spot before the sun came up. As soon as we arrived we could see the trout and redfish were actively feeding in the shallow waters. We decided to start the morning throwing some top water plugs. This technique usually works well in the low light calm waters of the flats. With baitfish getting hammered all around us we wanted the trout to see and hear our lures. Within 10 minutes Capt. Todd had hooked and landed a 6 ¼ lb trout on top water. I was able to catch a couple smaller trout and two 25 to 26 inch redfish. We were going to stay and fish this spot until the sun got up.T

hose of you who were out on the water Saturday already know a heavy fog rolled in. We knew this fog would extend the morning bite and we decided to move to another spot.

We only had to run about 5 min away to the mouth of one of the creeks we usually target. The incoming tide was flowing pretty hard so we let the current carry us into the creek. We were able to spot several large trout but the top waters were spooking them so we switched up to a Gulp Sinking Minnow. This bait switch proved to be the ticket. The softer presentation worked like a champ. I boated a trout at 41/2 lbs and Capt. Todd landed another good sized 3 plus pounder. We ended up catching a limit of keeper trout with the smallest measuring 18 inches. The redfish bite was pretty good too. We landed about 7 or 8 redfish with 4 of them over 25 inches.

When you are fishing an incoming tide you will usually find the trout and redfish very close to the mouths of the creeks or channels. They will stage there to ambush the bait moving into the backwaters. It's important to remember not to approach the creek mouth to quickly. Fish your way into the creek, if the sun starts to come up on you try switching up to a Gulp soft bait or a spoon, basically something that won’t spook the fish. This is especially true when the water is clear. Slow everything down and prepare to site fish. Look out ahead of your approach for potholes, clearings and sandbars. These types of features will silhouette the fish giving you a target.

Remember stealth will catch you more fish. Look for the bait getting hammered and use long cast. Try to match your lure the bait and be patient. Be sure to check out the pictures of this weeks catch in our photo gallery at As always, tread lightly on the flats.

Thanks and good luck on the water.

Capt Rob & Capt Todd
Back Bay Adventures


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